Saturday, March 25, 2006

Part -III

worldRevision Of The Communication” is the best technique in order to avoid misunderstanding the message. This is one of the least practiced technique. There is always a difference of frames of reference between the communicator and the reciever.No matter how carefully and how meticulously the message is being communicated by the communicator, there is always an ample chance to misunderstand the message. People very often receive the message well and in true spirits.They know it is important for them but it is only a part of the process of communication. At the next stage they often misunderstand it. People become concious about Do's and Don'ts upto such an extent that they begin to misunderstand the message and this results in incorrect application of the message. This misundersatnding may be of various kinds, e.g. Process, further communication,technique, skills,or methods etc.

This problem is very much prevalent in cases where an application part is included in the message. Messages related to health,children,society,crimes, personal safety,marriages, offices,etc. bear a great risk of incorrect application.

The messages designed for such communication must include a system of concurrent follow ups and feedbacks. Adequate concurrent training should be an essential element of the message.There should be system of periodic follow up to identify the problems and correcting it along with the providing additional support and ofcourse revising the message as and when required.          (Contd. .......)


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