Thursday, April 13, 2006

Gender Issues : Ways And Means To Address Communication Breakdowns - Part -V

Similarly people may find themselves unable to act upon the messages. This inability is mainly attributed by various intrinsic and extrinsic factors which controls and draw boundaries of limitations. Because of these factors it is very much obvious that people will not act upon the message in the way they were supposed to.
These factors control or limit the orientation of the message to such an extent that for people it is irrelevant if they have received the message and understood it in true spirits. These factors are completely out of the control of people. For instance “Poverty” is one of those limitations which always puts barricades in the way of implementation of the communication plan. People may find themselves helpless in such a situation.
Another instance is the unavailability and /or non existence of basic services. Many a times the basic infrastructure is not available and it is also possible that many a times the infrastructures are owfully managed and a complete lack of proper service administration .
In cases where a “Demand and Supply Technique” is applied as an implementation strategy with a message and a mass media campaign is designed by the communicators, the service delivery depends a lot on the degree of expensiveness and the extent of availabilty of the articles. The designers must be very carefull about these factors and ensure that the products which are a part of the mass media campaigns never get in scarcity and must be available with the best ease possible. These products must not be expensive and the money spending capacity of the targetted community is taken well care of. During the mass media campaigns and Drives it is a possibility that the demand of certain product is increase many fold. At this punctum the communicators and the designers must be well aware of the future prospective need based planning strategy involved with the original implementation plan so that the product is always available in the shortest possible notice. Any failure in this implementation strategy will cause huge wastage of seed money and time. Communicators taking care of such factors will be successfully implementing the plans.
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